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– Technology, hand-craftsmanship & art

The production of embossing tools at Metz is characterised by precision and speed. Customers are provided with everything they need for the embossing of high-quality folding cartons or paper. Art and high tech form an unbeatable duo that gives customers the best possible results.


– from 1983 to today

Master engraver Wolfgang Metz, father of current Managing Director Olaf Metz, founded the company in the present location at Otto-Brenner-Straße 196. Together with a handful of employees, he supplied the local Gundlach printing company with a variety of embossing tools for the refinement of paper and cardboard packaging.

As creative minds, Wolfgang and his team are fully committed to their art and craft. The mechanically operated work stations where the artful embossing tools are made require ingenuity and skill. Metz is known for its reliability and serves as an “extended workbench” for printing companies that appreciate high-quality products. The company soon makes a name for itself among printing companies nationwide and begins to receive larger orders. Numerous customers come from the cigarette industry, seeking high-quality embossed logos and crests.

In the early nineties, the number of employees increased to around ten. Apprentices were taken on to learn the trade of engraving. In 1998, the founder’s son Olaf Metz joins the company and supports his father in every area of his work. Alongside the cigarette industry, Metz has since expanded into other sectors: the confectionary, cosmetics and pharma industries have come to appreciate high-quality, elegant folding cartons, and increasing numbers of publishers use embossed covers for their books.

In 2003, Olaf Metz takes over the management of the company from his father. For Metz, this is the dawn of a new era, as embossing tools are produced with even greater speed and efficiency thanks to modern new machinery. The team has now grown to 15 employees, and the company’s embossing tools are used worldwide for the products of international corporations.


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